FBI “Playpen Investigation”: Ex-Homeland Security analyst Arrested

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Richard Armendariz worked as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection analyst for 42 years. Two days ago a federal judge denied Richards bond at a hearing. Armendariz,69, was arrested as part of a massive investigation into child pornography on dark net. Dark net is only accessible with the use of Tor, a browser that allows you to view normal websites anonymously; but also lets you access websites normal browsers can’t.

Armendariz, as testimonies have revealed, is related to former Texas Appellate judge Albert Armendariz Sr.; who died in 2007. Sr. was a former civil rights leader; and founder of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Armendariz Sr. was also a federal immigration judge.  During the time Richard Armendariz Sr. worked for the agency he was stationed in Miami, Florida; and in Colombia. He also had top-secret clearance.

When Richard retired five years ago he moved back to San Antonio, Texas where his two sons live. He was one of 215,000 people the FBI has connected to a website it seized that made child porn available on the Dark net. This is just one of the many arrests going to be made is the FBI takeover of Playpen.

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