FBI Raid Liberty Radio Network Following Playpen Hack

Over a year that the Federal Bureau of Investigation took control of child porn website Playpen and used it as a bait to identify the users of the website, arrests and raids are still happening. Now, the FBI and local law enforcement authorities raided a local radio station, Liberty Radio Network (LRN). The station resides in Keene, New Hampshire, in the home of Ian Freeman and TJ Park, who are both hosts of a program called Free Talk Live.

The FBI seized around 40 computers, computer components, such as external hard drives and other electronic devices according to the official search warrant. Park, from LRN, made this statement after the search by the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

“We at the Liberty Radio Network would like to inform the public about the FBI search at our broadcast studio.” He also added that the radio is currently offline since the federal agents seized the equipment for that too.

The FBI raid was connected with the investigation of Playpen, a large former child pornography site on the dark web. In February 2015, the FBI took control of Playpen and ran it from a government facility in Virginia for around two weeks. During this time, the feds deployed a network investigative technique (NIT) (a hacking tool) to identify users of the site who visited specific, child pornography-related threads. Official court documents state that around 1,300 IP addresses were obtained as part of the campaign.

As of January, according to the Department of Justice, about 137 people in the US had been charged in connection with the Playpen investigation. The number will be likely to be increased since the arrests and raids continue. The LRN also made this statement about the case:

“Many people had access to the LRN wireless network over the previous year. If someone accessed a child pornography website from our network, the FBI will identify that person and arrest them. Those of us who had our devices seized will be fully exonerated of this crime. Some hosts at LRN are parents, so we fully understand the emotions and passions that arise when protecting children from sexual abuse. We ask that members of the public without judgment until the FBI finishes their investigation and all the facts are presented.”

During the raid by the FBI, no one has been arrested, only electronic devices were taken by the bureau.

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