FBI wages war on pedophiles using Tor

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The demise of Freedom Hosting in 2013 has a lot of “statistics” showing the most popular Tor Network activity is child abuse. While this has been under debate, with multiple “statistics” showing different from the other, it is highly unlikely that with all the other options and interests inside the network, that child pornography is the highest rated activity in the deep web.

There are several groups out to prove otherwise. Hans Guijt-Terre des Hommes, of the Netherlands recently set up a digital 10-year-old girl. The outcome of this was more than 20,000 people; the majority men, were contacting the virtual girl in order to solicit sexual activity. In 2015 there were many instances where unsuspecting pedophiles were caught in traps laid by various countries governments.



A British study conducted in early 2015 claimed that up to 80% of the darknet activity on TOR was related to child pornography. Greg Virgin, former NSA employee turned cyber security consultant is quoted as saying “It was an awful realization, discovering that there were tens of thousands of people who are not only trading child abuse

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