FCC: ISPs To Get Customer’s Permission Before Sharing Their Personal Info

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler recently announced a proposal to “give broadband consumers increased choice, transparency security with respect to their data”.

“The information collected by the phone company about your telephone usage has long been protected information. Regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limit your phone company’s ability to repurpose and resell what it learns about your phone activity.”, wrote Wheeler in an op-ed for The Huffington Post. “The same should be true for information collected by your ISP.”

Under Wheeler’s proposal, ISPs would only be allowed to use customer data for “the purposes of marketing other communications-related services and to share customer data with their affiliates that provide communications-related services for the purposes of marketing such services unless the customer affirmatively opts out.”

To do anything else with customer data, the ISP must have the customer affirmatively opt-in.

The proposal adds in that ISPs do not require the customer’s consent to use their data to provide the service that the customer purchased because consent is inherent in the customer’s decision to purchase the ISP’s services.

“… customer data necessary to provide broadband services and for marketing the type of broadband service purchased by a customer would require no additional

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