Federal decider says Bitcoin is income in box connected to JP Morgan hack

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A Manhattan-based sovereign decider ruled on Monday (PDF) that a male indicted of using an bootleg Bitcoin sell website could not have dual charges of using an unlawful income send business forsaken since Bitcoin is money.

The suspect is Anthony Murgio of Florida, who was arrested in Jul 2015 in tie with a series of other American and Israeli group who allegedly hacked into JP Morgan Chase, ETrade, and News Corp., among others. Murgio was not directly charged with conducting any of a hacks, though a Justice Department did claim that Murgio ran a rough Bitcoin sell website called Coin.mx with Gery Shalon, a purported designer of a JP Morgan hacks. According to a 2015 indictment, Murgio and others were means to accept untrustworthy income from co-conspirators by Coin.mx.

Murgio is also indicted of misrepresenting his business to financial institutions by formulating a front for Coin.mx called a “Collectables Club,” as good as with bribing a small

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