Federal Reserve Meeting Minutes: Stronger than Oak

mauldineconomics.com / JOHN MAULDIN / NOVEMBER 23, 2016

Today, for your pre-Thanksgiving delectation, I have for you an Outside the Box with deep roots in my West Texas homeland. It comes from fellow Texan Danielle DiMartino Booth, who has graced these pages more than once this year. You’ll recall that she was a key advisor on monetary policy to Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher until his retirement last year, whereupon Danielle struck out on her own (and landed here). She has a book coming out early next year, called Fed Up: An Insider’s Take on Why the Federal Reserve Is Bad for America. I have already preordered my copy on Amazon, and it’s scheduled to be delivered to my iPad on Valentine’s Day.

In addition to cooking amazing meatballs for 250 of her closest friends at Christmas, Danielle has a wonderful knack for weaving contemporary cultural references into her financial analysis, and today’s piece is no exception. Would you believe a highly critical take on the Fed’s most recent meeting minutes (and what they say and don’t say about upcoming Fed policy), all wrapped up – and oh so aptly – in a reprise of a key scene from the movie Jerry McGuire? Well, believe it, because that’s my good friend Danielle. I’ll say no more but just let you savor her sharp, lively prose.