Fentanyl Company Openly Funds Campaign Opposing Marijuana Legalization

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A pharmaceutical company that sells fentanyl donated $500,000 towards defeating a ballot that would legalize marijuana in Arizona. According to information posted online by the Arizona secretary of state’s office, the fentanyl company made a large contribution in late August. Legalization advocates consider this to be evidence that the largest struggle in legalizing marijuana is against pharmaceutical companies.

The drug manufacturer, Insys Therapeutics Inc, produces a patented cancer pain relief spray. The spray consists of a simple sublingual fentanyl solution, according to relevant SEC filings.

Fentanyl, the drug in the spray, has been in the media’s spotlight after a series of fentanyl overdoses. Similar to every other opiate and opioid, fentanyl provides analgesia to patients with painful conditions. Due to marijuana’s ability to help user cope with pain, pharmaceutical companies producing painkillers have a lot at stake. Big pharma’s hand in fighting marijuana legalization has never been so transparent.

Steven Nelson at U.S. News and World Report noted the donation and researched the Arizona-based company. While the fentanyl spray Subsys is currently their only product, the company does have an interesting past.

Nelson writes:

From 2011 through at least last year, Insys also sold

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