Financial Experts Disappointed As Fed Fails To Raise Interest Rates

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Over the past few weeks, there has been an increased focus on whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates Although financial experts are on the fence on the future of the rates, the Fed’s Janet Yellen has announced there will be no increase for now. However, things may change later this year, assuming the US economy doe snot face a major hit.

The long wait is finally over, and as many people expected, there is no interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve. This is not entirely surprising, considering the economy is not looking all that great in the US. At the same time, Janet Yellen was quick to say a future rate hike is still on the agenda for later in 2016. For now, it remains to be seen if this is a true statement or a way to keep a positive attitude during these harsh times.

No Federal Reserve Interest Rate Increase

As is usually the case with announcements like these, a lot of details remain rather vague. A timeline, for instance, was not provided by Yellen. A new meeting by the Fed’s committee will take place in December. There is another session scheduled for November.

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