Financial Services Is Only the Start for Blockchain’s True Societal Impact

This opinion article is penned by Steven Boyle, CEO at Integrated Cloud Solutions, a Glasgow, Scotland-based software solutions firm.

Many new technologies have been touted as the next big thing – the disruptor to end all disruptors no less.

There’s been cloud, artificial intelligence, big data – and all have their huge merits that will continue to realise major benefits. Arguably though, blockchain – the technology behind digital currencies like Bitcoin – is the most likely to have the greatest impact in 2017 and way beyond as we start to look to a new decade of possibilities.

Importantly, it’s the ethos at the heart of blockchain that makes it so robust, adaptable, and ultimately, successful. It’s available to everyone, and through it, anything of value can be transferred, then stored securely and privately. It should come as no surprise then to note that the Bank of America and Bank of England have been among those looking very seriously at how to best harness those significant abilities.

However, key to blockchain’s growth has been the fact that trust has

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