Finding a lost wallet


Did you lose your bitcoin wallet? Well don’t despair yet! You may yet have a way to save it!

Everyone says to backup your wallet. And you didn’t. Now you are in quite the pickle, aren’t you? Depending on how you lost it, you might have a way of saving your lost wallet. If it has been wiped from your hard drive by a system update, or a reformatting, or something to that effect, it might not yet be truly lost! There is recovery software you can use to save it. Recuva is an example of this (and best of all, it is free).

First, install the software on your computer using a drive that is different from the one you want to recover your wallet from. Ideally you would use a USB drive to do this. In fact, if you can download it to directly to your USB drive, that is even better.  The more data that is put on the reformatted drive, the more chance your wallet will be lost forever. You can download it here at CNet.

Select a drive

You likely will want to select a drive other than the C Drive as you probably have data you want to recover from there.


If you do use CNet to download it, remember to reject the additional offers when you install Recuva.say no

Once it is installed, run the software. To Find a Bitcoin wallet, select show all all


Recuva is also great for finding all the other deleted files as well! Now we need to tell Recuva where to look. If the original directory the wallet was held in is intact, use the “In a Specific location” feature. Select the directory the wallet was deleted from.

Drive selection

If the entire disk drive was deleted, you might not have this option. Instead you will just select, “I’m not sure.”

Lastly it will ask whether or not you want a deep scan. In the interest of saving time, you might skip the deep scan at first. If it doesn’t find what you are looking for, then try it again with the deep scan enabled this time.

Deep scan.

Once it is done running, look for the file directory that once held your wallet. As long as new data hasn’t been written to the sector of the hard drive that held your wallet, it should be safe. Attempt restoring it now. If it works, open your wallet software and and load your wallet with it. It will sync and it should work now! Just back it up this time!

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