Fintech Ecosystem Report: Blockchain, the Trump Card for Financial Evolution

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Since Bitcoin became popular, it has been hailed as the revolutionary technology that is going to change the financial landscape of the world. While it is true, the role of Bitcoin may not be any bigger than the contributions of ATMs and PayPal.

The evolution of Fintech has been a gradual process starting as early as 1970’s. A recent report published by Business Insider Intelligence states that it is an ongoing process and the impact can be much bigger than that of ATMs, PayPal and even Bitcoin on the financial system.

ATMs changed the way people interacted with banks, leading to a certain degree of automation. Then came PayPal which reduced the dependency on banks for storing and transmitting funds. However, PayPal account holders were still required to fund their account using conventional payment methods. But Bitcoin brought in a new level of disruption, where it showed that banks can be totally eliminated from the big picture.

Bitcoin may not have succeeded in replacing banks completely at the moment, but it has exhibited the potential to do so. The new-age of finance now hinges on Bitcoin, its underlying blockchain technology, and the startups that are working on it. The

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