FinTech’s Slow Embrace of Bitcoin on Display at Draper University Event

Tim Draper, Draper University

Held on 20th April at Draper University’s San Mateo headquarters, the FinTech Connection Forum succeeded at illustrating how bitcoin may be best considered a niche subject of curiosity in the wider financial world.

Featuring speakers as diverse as Citi Ventures’ Arvind Purushotham and CBW Bank’s Suresh Ramamurthi, the FinTech Connection provided a day-long forum for discussions on the broader opportunity that could be unlocked by disrupting the financial industry, noting at times how bitcoin and blockchain technology could play a part in this societal shift.

Perhaps the most enthusiastic about the technology was Tim Draper himself, who participates in the industry as one of its most active evangelists and investors, having invested in more than 20 companies and purchased nearly 30,000 BTC at auction.

In his opening speech, Draper was effusive in his praise for bitcoin the digital currency as well as its underlying distributed ledger, the blockchain, noting the ability to change how money moves and contracts are formed.

Draper told the audience:

“There are some laggard industries that are really big and one of them is finance. Finance could easily be as transformed as the music industry when Napster came. I think it’s these companies and

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