First-Ever Bitcoin Card Game Hits Kickstarter

London, United Kingdom: “Bitcoin Empire,” the first-ever crypto-currency themed card game, goes on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter today, just weeks ahead of the historical second mining halving which is expected to take place in the middle of July.

Global decentralized money, Bitcoin came to the world in 2008, and changed the way that money works. The newly invented Bitcoin Empire is a building and resource management game. It simulates the Bitcoin ecosystem and aims to bring in a new audience by targeting board gamers.

The creator of the game, David Thomas, who also invented Davemail, an encrypted and decentralized E-mail system earlier this year under the alias David Apple, is coined by friends as an idea guy. “I am an active member of the Bitcoin community and a big fan of tabletop games. Bitcoin Empire is a synthesis of these two passions.”

When asked how confident he is that the crowdfunding budget will reach its goal, the London-based programmer said: “This card game will strike a chord with the Bitcoin community. I am confident that Bitcoin Empire will easily bypass the threshold of 250 decks.”

According to David Thomas, the design of the game enables players to set up currency exchanges to build their own Bitcoin empires. Players can initiate lawsuits, hacking and smear campaigns against each other. The cards feature figures that are familiar to the Bitcoin community, including Dorian Nakamoto, who was falsely accused of being Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto in 2014.

Bitcoins come into existence through a process called mining. Every four years, the amount of generated Bitcoins halves in an event dubbed by the Bitcoin community as “The Halvening.” Last Bitcoin halving happened in 2012 and resulted in a boost of Bitcoin price. Many early investors thus became Bitcoin Millionaires.

The second halving in Bitcoin history is set to happen in the middle of July, “We wish to send Bitcoin Empire to crowdfunders to celebrate this special event,” said David Thomas.

The link to the project:

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