First Global Credit Adds Commodity Futures for Bitcoin Margin Traders

Want to hedge your bitcoin exposure with a bit more tangible assets? First Global Credit, a firm that enables cryptocurrencies to be used as collateral margin to trade stocks and ETFs, will add commodity futures trading to its lineup on Monday, March 7th.

“This will be another first for the digital currency market,” says First Global Communications Director Marcie Terman. “We are committed to bringing the same kinds of choices fiat currency investors have to the digital currency marketplace. I am really looking forward to seeing how people utilize the platform in the coming months. Whether we will end up with people who are skilled only in stock or currency trading or if the majority of our customers will trade across the full range of market choices.”

The move comes after the firm saw growth in the adaption of its current offering as it reports that in February $2.2 million worth of stock and currency trading took place on the platform. This represents a new high in the amount of trading handled by First Global which set its last record in November of 2015 at $1.8 million.

Marcie Terman, First Global Credit
Marcie Terman, First Global Credit

“There is

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