First Plug-in Node Aims to Boost Bitcoin’s Network Security

bitcoin network

Bitseed has launched the first plug-in bitcoin node to encourage users to contribute to the bitcoin network, hassle-free.

The $149 node, which comes preconfigured with the official Bitcoin Core client, is credited with using less than 10 watts of power – approximately 12 times less than the average computer.

As an essential component of the bitcoin network, nodes broadcast messages in order to validate and relay transactions. Unlike bitcoin miners, who are rewarded for confirming transactions, there is no financial incentive for node operators.

According to its website, Bitseed’s product tackles the fact that the blockchain can no longer run on notebook, mobile devices or PCs, due to its increase in size.

The company claims that their new product allows users to keep bitcoin running continuously without slowing down their computer “or crimping your mobile lifestyle”.

Bitseed node
The Bitseed Bitcoin Node. Source: Bitseed

However, there seems to be increasing competition on the horizon.

Addy Yeow, the developer behind Bitnodes, a website that monitors bitcoin nodes, spoke about his upcoming hardware solution, due to launch mid-2015.

“The goal of Bitnodes Hardware is to provision ready-to-run

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