First time trying LSD purchased from the Market.

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he following article is a work of non fiction. It was written to give a detailed insight into the Authors experience when trying LSD. The Author mentioned in this article believes strongly in harm reduction and substance education.

Buying LSD and having it shipped as an international delivery was a very nerve racking experience for me. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve ordered a drug/drugs into your country from the Market Place, international shipments carry the most risk. In my country, LSD is a luxury. A luxury because it’s hard to get. It’s not the cost that turns people away, it’s the fact that nobody can source it. All the low, middle, and high level street drug dealers along with Organized Crime Gangs deal in Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Synthetic Cannabis/Designer Drugs, and maybe small bit of MDMA. It’s hard to import in large amounts as it almost always gets seized. The closet thing to LSD a person can get here is N-Bomb which has many side effects of people slipping into a violent psychosis, attempting suicide, and being admitted to Hospital with Heart and Kidney problems, the list goes on.

Before turning to Agora Market Place to buy the

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