First Type of Bitcoin Ransomware Discovered on Apple’s Mac OS

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Bitcoin ransomware has been a large thorn in a eye of confidence experts and computers users all over a world. Or to be some-more precise, ransomware has a robe of targeting Windows computers, simply since this is a many renouned handling complement in a universe today. But Mac OS X users are no longer protected from harm, as a really initial form of ransomware for this handling complement was detected recently. There is no need for widespread panic, though, unless one is a Transmission user.

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Transmission Download Comes With Bitcoin Ransomware

Many people believed both Linux and Mac OS X were dual of a many secure operating systems ever to be created, and for a really extended period, this seemed to be a case. However, now that a Bitcoin ransomware aria has been directing Mac OS X users around a world, things are looking really opposite all of a sudden.

Palo Alto Networks, a well-respected confidence firm, has expelled a news observant how they detected a Bitcoin ransomware on Mac OS. Similar to any other form of ransomware in existence, this sold aria will encrypt mechanism files and force

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