Five Big Questions for Bitcoin Growth in 2016

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Ryan Selkis is Director of Growth during Digital Currency Group and creator of a Two-Bit Idiot blog. He is now operative full-time with a CoinDesk and Consensus 2016 teams on handling activities and scaling initiatives.

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There have already been dozens of 2016 prophecy lists emanating from a broader bitcoin and blockchain village over a past several weeks, so I’ll equivocate contributing to a cacophony. After a deplorable formula with my personal predictions for 2014–2015, I’ve finally schooled to ask some-more questions and offer fewer forecasts, anyway.

Instead of prognosticating, I’ll offer 10 elementary questions for a bitcoin/blockchain attention going into this year.

Next week, I’ll residence a broader blockchain ecosystem. This week, I’ve got 5 questions for bitcoin in 2016:

Block-size debate

The expansion in bitcoin transaction volumes shows no pointer of abating, and nonetheless a 1MB retard information extent is no closer to being lifted than it was 6 months ago. Whether and how it is lifted (via tough flare or changes to Bitcoin Core) will have durability repercussions, and changing one of bitcoin’s elemental manners will have unintended, unpredicted and maybe disastrous consequences. One of bitcoin’s beginning contributors has now
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