Flawed Economic Stimulus Plan for Canada Helps Bitcoin

Regardless of where one looks in the world, financial turmoil is brewing everywhere around us. Canada is no exception to this statement, unfortunately, even though the new Liberal government is planning to invest in people and the economy over the next few years. That being said, this economic stimulus will come at a great cost, and could end up hurting the Canadian economy even more. All of this is indirectly working for Bitcoin and other forms of alternative finance.

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Boosting Canada Economy Comes at a Risk

Nearly every economy around the world is facing a problem right now, and government officials are trying to figure out various ways to focus on this issue. The old tried and tested tactic seems to be the most logical way to address these concerns, although injecting a lot of money at infrastructure spending is quite a significant concern.

People have to understand that the money required for an economic stimulus has to come from somewhere. In Canada, that means there will be a government deficit three times what was originally predicted during the election last year. As this deficit grows larger and

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