Florida Court Explains Why Bitcoin is Not Money

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BitcoinHaving only gotten around to reading a sequence extenuation a suit to boot in a record of a State of Florida vs. Michell Abner Espinoza, a request by Circuit Court Judge Teresa Pooler, is flattering interesting.  The box per Espinoza has been in a news for many months now, though a final statute was only filed in July. The box has been described as defining either or not Bitcoin is money. Regardless of any ramifications, a evidence as presented by a suspect and a Judge are flattering interesting.

If we have not review about a case, in brief, Michell Abner Espinoza was being prosecuted for income laundering and wrong income services.  The US Secret Services Miami Electronic Task Force

Money Dollars Art 100The US Secret Services Miami Electronic Task Force motionless to pitch by CraigsList (of course) and localbitcoins.com to see what they could puncture up. Seeing an announcement that explained a suspect was peaceful to sell Bitcoin in chairman for cash, a Feds suspicion they had unclosed something nefarious. A assembly was set adult during a Nespresso Cafe where .40322580 Bitcoins were sole for $500.

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