Florida Man Arrested for Selling Fentanyl to Undercover Agents on Alphabay

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In Fort Lauderdale, Chrissano Leslie, known on the deepweb as “owlcity”, will be facing charges of trafficking Fentanyl, a-PVP, MDMA, and cocaine. The charges stemmed from a DEA investigation that took place on the popular darknet marketplace, Alphabay.

The 26-year-old was arrested by DEA agents raiding his home on Wednesday, the 26th of July. Although the initial operation was put in place to catch Leslie for dealing heroin and fentanyl, the raid of his home resulted in the finding of the cocaine, MDMA, and a-PVP — all of which he’ll be facing charges for in a federal court.


DEA began investigating Leslie after a series of transactions took place on the darknet market Alphabay. In March, undercover agents posed as buyers on the marketplace, requesting to buy some “China white heroin.” Leslie, like any good vendor, accepted the Bitcoin and filled the order. The agents agreed to pay $510 for the shipment and arranged to have it delivered to an unspecified mail drop. For some reason, Leslie told the undercover agents that he would be sending the package from a U.S. Post Office in Hollywood,

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