Florida Man Robbed Trying To Buy Bitcoin

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While mechanism breaches and antagonistic emails are hackneyed online, when it comes to bitcoin, it can also be dangerous offline in a genuine world.

According to a report, a male in Florida was allegedly attacked during knifepoint while perplexing to sell $28,000 in bitcoin. The 32-year-old proprietor of Lake Worth, Florida, Steve Manos, set adult a assembly with dual people in West Palm Beach to sell a bitcoin for cash. Manos, who pronounced he had met with a dual people in a past, gave them $28,000 in cash, though instead of removing a digital currency, a dual took off with a money. Law coercion was means to detain Andre Allen, a 34-year-old that allegedly stole a income after Manos gave military a phone series he used to set adult a meeting. Allen was after identified by Manos in a military lineup.

This isn’t a initial time that a earthy spoliation has occurred

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