Florida Man Robbed Trying To Buy Bitcoin

While computer breaches and malicious emails are commonplace online, when it comes to bitcoin, it can also be dangerous offline in the real world.

According to a report, a man in Florida was allegedly robbed at knifepoint while trying to sell $28,000 in bitcoin. The 32-year-old resident of Lake Worth, Florida, Steve Manos, set up a meeting with two people in West Palm Beach to sell the bitcoin for cash. Manos, who said he had met with the two individuals in the past, gave them $28,000 in cash, but instead of getting the digital currency, the two took off with the money. Law enforcement was able to arrest Andre Allen, a 34-year-old that allegedly stole the cash after Manos gave police the phone number he used to set up the meeting. Allen was later identified by Manos in a police lineup.

This isn’t the first time that a physical robbery has occurred

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