Fold Will Let You Spend Bitcoin At Target & Whole Foods Soon

Creating a people for the everyday consumer to start spending Bitcoin on a daily basis is not an easy task.  Such efforts will always start out in a very localised market and Fold is one of the few applications managing to use Bitcoin to pay at a major store – Starbucks.  Now Fold is looking to expand their business imminently in the US.

Fold Starbucks – The Story So FarFold Small Logo

Bitcoin enthusiasts in the United States and Hong Kong rejoiced at the news when Fold announced it would be possible to spend BTC at any Starbucks location accepting USD currency.  To make the offer itself even better, Fold users would receive a 20% discount on every purchase for the entire duration of this “trial” period.

One of the main reasons why Fold has become quite popular in a short amount of time is because it is a far better alternative compared to traditional gift cards.  Most people who buy or receive a gift card never use it for the full amount, whereas Fold users can spend the full amount loaded in Bitcoin.  The unspent funds will be refunded within 24 hours.

The main

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