Following Paris Attacks; French Police want say on Tor and Wi-Fi Regulations

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New Emergency Bill on table following Paris Attacks; French Police want say on Tor and Wi-Fi Regulations

The French Government is taking necessary moves to fight the War on Terror at home. Following the ISIS terror attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015, that claimed the lives of 130 people and wounding hundreds more, legislators are working on two bills that will provide safety measures with greater law enforcement power to prevent future attacks.

Two pieces of legislation in discussion detail a new state of emergency protocol, and a proposal concerning counter-terrorism. In the event these bills pass, they can go into effect as early as January 2016, with such measures increasing police forces and armed guards in public areas as well as tightening border ports, and even private home searches without a warrant.

Additionally, the French police are recommending adding regulations to the bill that will block the use of the free network known as the Tor Project, and create certain closures on Wi-Fi network use.

The police want to block Tor networking in general. This free software and network provides a space online for free speech with the added incentive of complete anonymity to any user. While there

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