Force of Will launching WILLCOIN on November 28th

By leveraging the power of Bitcoin blockchain our users can truly own their digital items. As a result of this, entirely new forms of gaming experiences such as borderless items that are playable in multiple games and decentralized P2P trading of game items are possible.”

– Koji Higashi

Spells of Genesis’s Early Success Paves the Way

  • Tokenization of game items on the blockchain was pioneered by EverdreamSoft and SoG.
  • SoG’s tokenized game items are actively traded on the blockchain between players, some of which have already been traded for more than 3,000 USD in value.
  • SoG has pioneered the concept of “true ownership” of digital assets and digital scarcity using Counterparty technology.
  • Project ORB started as a joint venture between SoG creator EverdreamSoft and IndieSquare.
  • The addition of Force of Will to Project ORB will likely push this trend even further by bringing it to a mainstream audience.

Force of Will ORBs Use Cases

  • FoW’s digital cards are tokens issued via Counterparty on the Bitcoin blockchain. We call tokenized game items ORBs, which stand for Ownership Revolution on the Blockchain.
  • FoW’s ORBs will become playable on FoW Battle Simulator (FBS) with the start of the WILLCOIN sale.
  • Another interesting fact is that some of the FoW ORBs will become playable in SoG, making them the first large scale cross-game promotion taking advantage of ORB’s unique, interoperable nature.
  • Furthermore, depending on the sale outcome and community reaction, FoW may be considering ORB integration in their future mobile game and future applications beyond FBS.


  • WILLCOIN is a Counterparty token that functions as a “lottery ticket” in Force of Will.
  • By “burning” (sending it to a dedicated address where it can’t be withdrawn from) 1 WILLCOIN, you will be rewarded with 1 FoW ORB at random on the Book of Orbs app.
  • WILLCOIN is also used as a currency in the Force of Will ecosystem and in the Book of Orbs (BoO) mobile app.

Force of Will Sale Details

  • We will start selling a limited number of WILLCOIN for Bitcoin before FoW adds more ORBs in December and begins the FoW Power Points to WILLCOIN initiative.
  • FoW will announce this on their website and promote Project ORB on their marketing channels.
  • WILLCOIN purchasers will have an opportunity to test the FBS and BoO earlier than others and also have better chance of getting Season 1 FoW ORBs.


  • The WILLCOIN token sale will start on Nov 28th and last until December 22nd or until all coins have been sold out.


A total of 20,000 WILLCOIN will be available for this initial sale and it will be sold in 4 separate batches of 5,000 WILLCOIN each.

  • 0.0062 BTC/WILLCOIN for the 1st batch (0 – 5,000)
  • 0.0064 BTC/WILLCOIN for the 2nd batch (5001 – 10,000)
  • 0.0066 BTC/WILLCOIN for the 3rd batch (10,001 – 15,000)
  • 0.0069 BTC/WILLCOIN for the 4th batch (15,001 – 20,000)


  • A Tokenly Swapbot will be used for the sale and WILLCOIN will be available on the Counterparty DEx.

Rarity of Season 1 cards

  • All Season 1 FoW ORBs (160 unique designs total) have a limited supply of 1000 each and the issuances are already locked.
  • Addition of new cards for Season 2 is scheduled in December and Season 1 cards will logically become harder to acquire after Season 2.
  • Therefore, by purchasing WILLCOIN in the initial sale, buyers will have a better chance of collecting and completing Season 1 Orbs than those who will join later.

About Force of Will

  • Force of Will (FoW) is a popular trading card game which boasts more than 100,000 active players across the globe.
  • After being inspired by Spells of Genesis use of the Bitcoin blockchain, Force of Will decided to issue their tokenized digital game items on the Bitcoin blockchain and explore the blockchain game space along with Project ORB.

The formal announcement can be read here.


Why is the supply of WILLCOIN not locked?

  • WILLCOIN can be considered a lottery ticket to draw 1 FoW ORB rather than a digital currency such as Bitcoin or  BitCrystals.
  • As more FoW ORBs are released, more WILLCOIN is going to be issued. However, we won’t ever issue more WILLCOIN than the total number of ORBs available for drawing.
  • For example, in Season 1 there are 160 unique cards with 1000 units supply each, this equals to 160,000 total cards available. Consequently, the supply of WILLCOIN during Season 1 will not exceed 160,000.

Are you going to sell more WILLCOIN in the future?

  • Yes, we are planning to sell more WILLCOIN in the future.
  • This initial sale offers only a limited number of 20,000 WILLCOIN, but as the number of users increases, we are likely to offer more WILLCOIN in future sales.

Is Project ORB going to reserve some WILLCOIN for themselves?

  • We reserve a small portion of WILLCOIN for promotion and testing purposes but Project ORB will NOT reserve any other WILLCOIN.

Which currencies can I use to purchase WILLCOIN?

  • We only accept Bitcoin for the initial sale but depending on the its outcome and feedback, we may accept other payment methods in the future.

The full FAQ can be read here.

Force of Will’s involvement, an already popular and established trading card game, is a big step forward for Counterparty as well as the Bitcoin ecosystem to go more mainstream. I think it’s also important to note that all this is not theoretical but we already have working products on the Counterparty platform and the trend is really becoming real now.”

– Koji Higashi

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