Fordham University Promotes Bitcoin Education on Campus

Cryptocurrency Club at Fordham University to host roundtable discussions on cryptocurrency. The main aim of this cryptocurrency club and conference is to explore potential uses of digital currency technology across other fields including, but not limited to economics, finance, accounting and computer science.

As part of the initiative, all Fordham University cryptocurrency club members will receive a bitcoin starter kit. The starter kit will include few bitcoin related resources including a list of bitcoin based companies, a copy of Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper on bitcoin and more. Further down the line, the university is also planning to host the College Cryptocurrency Network conference. The College Cryptocurrency Network is a collaborative initiative by students who are part of their respective bitcoin clubs in Stanford, MIT, and University of Michigan.

Fordham University’s initiative will expose its student community to the bitcoin community from different regions, helping them understand how bitcoin is used in different regions across the country and other potential applications of the technology behind it.

William Markham

Will is a seasoned marketing professional who fell in love with Bitcoin. After realizing the potential of Bitcoin, he switched to Bitcoin based business. He writes about Bitcoin and uses his marketing experience in helping out small time Bitcoin startups and groups.

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