Forex Brokers Allowing BTC/USD Trades

A very interesting trend that has emerged within the forex industry is the increasing popularity of Bitcoin among the brokers.

If we look back at times when the digital currency was struggling to impress potential adapters, and compare it with its current progressions, we would definitely notice contradictions between both. Speaking specifically in terms of forex trading, Bitcoin adaption has truly rocketed. This article is intended to explain how a digital asset could possibly revolutionize the forex brokerage sector.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be defined as an online digital asset that possess the quality of being a commodity, as well as a currency. It is because of its underlying functionary that allows people to store it as a form of investment (like Gold), as well as spend it to purchase goods and services (like money). Therefore, Bitcoin emerges as a great addition to traditional forex and commodity investments. This is the one of the reasons why online forex brokers today are taking a keen interest in studying and integrating Bitcoin into their trading platforms.

One of the most attractive features of Bitcoin is: its independence from centralized authorities. The Bitcoin tokes are issued through a consensual computational process called “mining”. This feature doesn’t

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