Former bitcoin companies are erasing their embarassing ‘bit’s

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We’ve all been there: infrequently we start a company, run it successfully for a few years, and afterwards realize we hitched your equine to a solemnly failing record and there’s zero we can do about it.

So gangling a suspicion for a companies scrabbling to burst off a bitcoin boat before it sinks. The currency’s value has been immobile for months (except for a brief bang and bust in early Nov when it was held adult in a Chinese ponzi scheme), though maybe some-more damningly still, a hype has all though disappeared.

Some of a former bitcoin companies, like Circle and BitPay, have sensitively realigned themselves from “bitcoin” to a some-more ubiquitous judgment of “the blockchain”, a technological judgment during a heart of a cryptocurrency.

Others, however, have been a bit some-more brazen. Bitreserve, that used to be a bitcoin wallet and exchange, has rebranded itself as “Uphold”, and is now resolutely perplexing to force a story down a memory hole.

Chief executive Anthony Watson gave Business Insider a … extraordinary reason for his company’s aged name: “When we contend bit, we don’t meant bitcoin, we never did. We meant bit as is pieces and bytes and haven is apparently holding

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