Former Cop Charged with Selling Fake IDs for Bitcoin on the Darknet

A former Australian police officer has been charged with selling fake IDs on the darknet, according to ABC news. The man is identified as James Goris, a 44-year-old from Castlemaine. He was a police officer up until 2010, according to reports.

Reportedly, Goris was manufacturing and selling fake federal police ID cards, maritime and aviation security passes, and computer equipment. These would be sent to buyers via Australia Post express and promised those who bought them easy access at police stations, a notion the defense rejected in court.

According to police, the 44-year-old was also advertising the sale of firearms and police radios. Detectives were unable to verify the existence of these items since they were unable to find them. Goris’s defense lawyer claimed these were never purchased, they were just online to attract more buyers.

Sold for Bitcoin on Alphabay

Goris used a darknet market called AlphaBay to sell these items for bitcoin, rather than Monero. Police describe it as “eBay for criminals”, as covert investigators from the E-crime squad and Crime Command bought items worth $5000 during the investigation.

The courted deemed Goris’s use of AlphaBay to sell fake police IDs was “frightening”. Magistrate Murphy claimed these

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