Former DEA agent pleads guilty to stealing bitcoins while leading probe of

A ex- US Drug Enforcement Administration agent who investigated the Silk Road black market website pleaded guilty in federal court in San Francisco Wednesday to three corruption charges.

Carl Force, 46, faces up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of extortion, money-laundering and obstruction of justice. On another occasion, the complaint said, Force created a separate online alias and asked Ulbricht for $US100,000 in exchange for inside information on the DEA investigation.

Force worked as a special agent with the DEA for almost 15 years.

He will be sentenced by Seeborg on October 19.

Force, also without authorities’ knowledge, used another online moniker, “French Maid”, and offered Ulbricht information on the investigation for about $98,000 in bitcoins in September 2013, prosecutors said.

Force admitted that, at the time, the value of the bitcoin he received from Ulbricht was in excess of approximately $100,000.

Among them, Force said he agreed to a contract with Twenty-First Century Fox Inc previous year to help make a movie about the Silk Road investigation, without the permission of his supervisors.

The Department of Justice revealed that the agent in question is 46-year-old Carl Force from Baltimore, who was undercover during the Silk Road operations.

Force admits that he had multiple accounts and identities on the Silk Road, only one of which was authorized by the authorities.

“Seduced by the perceived anonymity of virtual currency and the dark web, Force used invented online personas and encrypted messaging to fraudulently obtain Bitcoin worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from the government and investigative targets alike“, Caldwell said. He also got a job as “compliance officer” for a bitcoin exchange while still working for the DEA and stole almost $300,000 from other people in that capacity.

The other agent, former US Secret Service investigator Shaun Bridges, 32, of Laurel, Md., reached

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