Former federal agent is guilty in bitcoin theft

According to a government document, Force, operating as “Nob”, in August 2013 convinced Ulbricht to pay him $50,000 in bitcoins by pretending he had information on the investigation. Force, dressed in the orange garb of the San Francisco jail and shackled at the ankles, pleaded guilty to extortion, money laundering and obstruction of justice in federal court.

Force is one of two federal agents charged in the ongoing Silk Road investigation, the release added.

A ex- undercover federal agent pleaded guilty to extortion and related charges after acknowledging he channeled more than $700,000 in digital currency from the Silk Road online drug bazaar he was investigating.

“He had a stellar, 15-year career with the DEA except for this one blip”, Force’s attorney Ivan Bates said outside of court. Shaun W. Bridges, a 32-year-old ex- Secret Service agent, also has been accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of bitcoins while investigating the website in 2013.

“This guilty plea should send a strong message: neither the supposed anonymity of the dark web nor the use of virtual currency nor the misuse of a law enforcement badge will serve as a shield from the reach of the law”.

Among them, Force said he agreed to a contract with Twenty-First Century Fox Inc previous year to help make a movie about the Silk Road investigation, without the permission of his supervisors. In February 2014, Force was alerted to potential fraud in an account holding $337,000.

Ross William Ulbricht, who went by the online handle “Dread Pirate Roberts”, was sentenced in May to life in prison after he was convicted of running the site and allowing more than $US180 million worth of drug deals to take place there.

Force, without telling his superiors at the DEA, adopted the alias “French Maid” to extort and negotiate with

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