Former Mt Gox Chief Arrested In Tokyo Over Alleged Bitcoin Theft



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Police indicted Mark Karpeles of transferring about £640,000 of Bitcoins into his possess account

Mark Karpeles, a 30-year-old former arch executive of Bitcoin sell Mt Gox, has been arrested in Japan per a purported burglary of about £640,000 in a digital currency.



The burglary is connected to Mt Gox’s detriment in Feb of final year of some 850,000 Bitcoins, a sum that amounts to about 7 percent of all a Bitcoins in existence, and was value some-more than £300 million during a time.

Mt Gox, once a world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, filed for bankruptcy after that month.


ct-ct-mt-gox-bitcoin-jpg-20140304The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested French inhabitant Karpeles in his Tokyo unit on Saturday morning, according to Japanese media reports, accusing him of transferring some of a blank supports into an comment in his possess name.

In a statement, military pronounced Karpeles had “unjustly arrogant a balance” of his possess comment by utilizing transaction annals on a system

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