Former Reddit Cryptocurrency Engineer: Decentralization is the Future

Reddit-BitcoinRyan X. Charles was the official cryptocurrency engineer at Reddit, and readers may remember his abrupt firing earlier in the year. In a new blog post, Charles talks about how the CEO at the time of his hiring was in favor of decentralizing Reddit.

The post makes plain the basics of decentralizing a social media platform the size of Reddit although it doesn’t delve too deeply into the mechanics. Bitcoin would be essential in terms of incentivizing a lot of people to host the content of a lot of other people. This is the fundamental reason many systems cannot be decentralized without some loss of quality: someone has to pay for it eventually, someone has to do the work.

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Charles’ proposal acknowledges the payment problem and starts there.

Each user funds their own app with a small amount of bitcoin. In order to download content, the user pays a very, very small amount

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