Former regulator turns Bitcoin tech advocate

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NEW YORK, Apr 13 (IFR) – Former New York state financial
services arch Benjamin Lawsky might have taken a oppressive perspective of
virtual banking as a regulator, though he has begun to branch for
the record behind it.

The male indicted of implementing tough regulations on
Bitcoins and other online banking now heads a consultancy that
is behaving as an confidant and media relationship for one of the
sector’s vital new players.

The Lawsky Group, that provides authorised and vital counsel
for clients on financial law issues, was a press
contact final week for Axoni, a blockchain record firm.

Axoni was compelling a successful exam of blockchain
technology into a behind bureau allotment routine for
derivatives transactions.

“We’ll be doing a extended operation of financial consultancy …
and some financial record open relations,” pronounced Lawsky
Group orator Matthew Anderson.

Anderson was orator for a Department of Financial
Services, a state regulator where Lawsky was indicted of
slowing a growth of practical currencies.

Lawsky pronounced final Jun he wanted to “put in place ensure rails
that strengthen consumers and base out unlawful activity without
stifling profitable innovation”.

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