Former Silk Road Agent Sentenced To 78 Months

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October 19, 2015: Carl Mark Force IV, a former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) representative concerned in a Baltimore Silk Road Task Force (BSRTF) is sentenced to 78 months in jail for his masterminding of a coercion and burglary of over $400,000 value of bitcoin for personal financial gains.

Force worked both sides of a review from within a core of a group tasked with bringing down a many scandalous and dangerous drug marketplace in a world.

When he was recruited to a BSRTF Carl Force was a career DEA agent, where he served 15 years in a group during several locations via a US. At a time of his undoing, Force wasn’t struggling either: his yearly income was around $150,000. What hexed him to dedicate rascal and burglary on such a large scale is anyone’s guess.

Force, alongside Shaun W. Bridges, a Secret Service agent, were named in a filing in a Northern District of California on Mar 30, 2015 when Tigran Gambaryan, a Special Agent with a IRS, lodged an confirmation opposite both accusing both Force of burglary of supervision property, handle fraud, income laundering and


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