Former Silk Road Agent Sentenced To 78 Months

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October 19, 2015: Carl Mark Force IV, a former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent involved in the Baltimore Silk Road Task Force (BSRTF) is sentenced to 78 months in prison for his masterminding of the extortion and theft of over $400,000 worth of bitcoin for personal financial gains.

Force worked both sides of the investigation from within the center of the agency tasked with bringing down the most notorious and dangerous drug market in the world.

When he was recruited to the BSRTF Carl Force was a career DEA agent, where he served 15 years in the agency at various locations throughout the US. At the time of his undoing, Force wasn’t struggling either: his yearly salary was around $150,000. What possessed him to commit fraud and theft on such a massive scale is anyone’s guess.

Force, alongside Shaun W. Bridges, a Secret Service agent, were named in a filing in the Northern District of California on March 30, 2015 when Tigran Gambaryan, a Special Agent with the IRS, lodged an affidavit against both accusing both Force of theft of government property, wire fraud, money laundering and

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