Former US Federal Agent Pleads Guilty to $800,000 Bitcoin Theft

Silk-Road-Marketplace-Camel (1)Silk-Road-Marketplace-Camel (1)

Ross Ulbricht, founder of the infamous Silk Road drug market, will be remembered as one of bitcoin’s most relevant contributors, a man that grew bitcoin’s relevance to extraordinary levels, and became instantly popular following his arrest. Silk Road was a dark net market that ran on the TOR Network. At its peak, Silk Road accounted for 70% of all dark net drug sales. People wondered whether Ulbricht’s arrest was justified; consequently, his prison sentence became controversial as well. In the midst of the controversy it was later discovered that federal agents infiltrated the administration of the Silk Road under fake identities, which led to Ulbricht’s arrest. Additionally, it was uncovered that these agents were responsible of stealing bitcoin while they worked for the site. One particular agent, Shaun Bridges has recently plead guilty to stealing over $800,000 USD worth of bitcoin.

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Following the guilty plead by Carl Force, the hearing for Shaun Bridges was held past Monday, August 31, 2015. Shaun Bridges plead guilty to stealing over $800,000 in bitcoin. Bridges also admitted committing the crimes

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