Former White House Senior Advisor Says Blockchain Trumps Bitcoin

According to former White House senior advisor John Farmer, bitcoin as a currency is less interesting compared to blockchain. Although he concedes that the cryptocurrency deserves praise for uplifting the digital currency industry and bringing blockchain to the limelight, he maintained that blockchain technology has a bigger potential in transforming the world.

John Farmer is currently working with Microsoft as the company’s director of technology and civic innovation. He used to play the shortstop position for the Los Angeles Dodgers and has joined the tech giant after a conversation with Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith and corporate vice president Dan’l Lewin.

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Blockchain vs. Bitcoin

“Dan’l and Brad had this vision for how Microsoft – obviously a gigantic global company with billions of users – could engage in a really local way on civic issues. So, how could we use technology to address social problems?” Farmer shared. “The more I talked to them, the more I really came to believe that they had the right approach in mind.”

Farmer believes that blockchain can make a huge difference in the developing world by helping the unbanked become banked for the

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