FortuneJack Launches LuckyJack, a Brand New Bitcoin Casino Game

July 1, 2016 Curacao – FortuneJack, the leading Bitcoin game platform has announced the launch of its new giveaway promo game, LuckyJack that offers free Bitcoins to the platform users.

LuckyJack is a daily free Bitcoin giveaway promo by FortuneJack where the platform distributes up to 1000 mBTC prize fund every day to its registered players. Any FortuneJack players who has deposited a total of at least 10 mBTC can claim free Bitcoin on LuckyJack, provided they are logged into the platform. The promo is applicable even for new users as they will be automatically enrolled in the giveaway program when the game resets. The LuckyJack game will reset every day when the server time hits 00:01 hours.

How is the Prize Fund distributed?
Every day LuckyJack chooses 10 random players from the database and system distributes them among 10 winning spots. Players need to sign in to their account, enter the game and click the ‘TRY LUCK’ button to see if they are one of the lucky winners. If players selected beforehand do not sign in to the game and click the ‘TRY LUCK’ button, the prize fund intended for them will not be distributed. Maximum

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