Founding SSL Developer Unveils Project at Blockchain University

Blockchain University

A project led by a pioneering developer of the Internet’s secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol was among the standouts at Blockchain University’s second demo day.

Held in Mountain View, California, on Monday, 18th May, the event featured presentations from roughly 10 projects created at the pre-accelerator during a six-week period beginning in April. Launched in December 2014, Blockchain University is aimed at promoting interest and innovation around blockchain technology and distributed ledgers.

Blockchain University’s second demo night successfully showcased how nuanced projects can now be quickly built on a broad range of blockchains and developed with the aid of APIs from bitcoin industry businesses.

Among the early speakers and sponsors perhaps none illustrated the recent increase in focus on blockchain technology better than BitPay developer Eric Martindale, whose company was among the first to bet big on the widespread use of the bitcoin blockchain as a facilitator of payments.

Martindale told the audience:

“One of the things that really struck me, is as I’ve grown, bitcoin is really the first app on the blockchain.”

BitPay senior software engineer Gregg Zigler and Monkey Inferno product manager Elyse Lefebvre went on to present Carrot, a project that enables a

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