Four New Jersey Online Casinos the Target of a Cyber-Attack and Ransom …

Four New Jersey Online Casinos the Target of a Cyber-Attack and Ransom Demand
David Rebuck Said the Hacker Who Demanded a Ransom “Is a Known Actor”.

New Jersey and federal authorities are investigating a cyber-attack launched against four Atlantic City online casinos. Officials say the sites were targeted by a hacker who promised another attack, if a bitcoin ransom was not paid.

The officials in question did not say they had taken the proper measures to stop a follow-up cyber-attack. In fact, New Jersey’s top gaming regulator said that a future attack might harm more than just the licensed online casinos, because Atlantic City’s Internet capacity is hosted on the same servers. He did suggest that the federal and state authorities had an idea of the figure behind the attack.

Rebuck Gives Details of the Attack

David Rebuck, the Director of the Division of Gaming Enforcement, said that the attack happened on Thursday of last week, though it continued throughout the Fourth of July weekend. Rebuck told, “At least four casinos were impacted and experienced downtime. We’re continuing to monitor.

The DGE director would not reveal the name of the four casinos which were hacked. He did say that the authorities are not certain who launched the cyber-attack, but that they believe they know the person, because he is a serial cyber-attacker. Rebuck said of the hacker, “He’s a known actor. He’s done this before.

Distributed Denial of Service

The hacker used “distributed denial of service”, an attack which floods a casino’s network with information. Such an attack makes the network inoperable, in this case for about 30 minutes at a time. The Thursday through Sunday attacks are thought to have been warnings to set up a ransom demand. The attacker told the administrators of the

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