France Receives a New Bitcoin ATM

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ATM Bitcoin Exchange starts a general enlargement debate by installing a bitcoin ATM in France. The comparison plcae is Montpellier. France has 4 of such inclination entirely operational inside a borders.

GrupoBTC France a authorization of a mom company (ATM Bitcoin Exchange) has commissioned a bitcoin ATM during a address UNPI 34 Chambre des Propriétaires et Copropriétaires 23 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume.

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The ATM built by BTC Fácil allows a purchasing and offered of bitcoins (two-way bitcoin ATM). The appurtenance is tranquil remotely regulating “top-notch confidence features” like double factor authentication (2FA) and earthy security token.

According to a manufacturer, a ATM’s GUI (graphic user interface) is centered around usability and was polished by a contrast and investigate of tellurian reactions over a hundred of usability tests. The ATM’s onboard mechanism is also equipped with multimedia content, designed to learn a user about a basis of Bitcoin record and how to use a ATM.

Group BTC France is a auxiliary of ATMs Bitcoin Exchange, a association founded in Gerona in Jan 2015, a company’s idea is to implement and conduct Bitcoin ATMs. To date, a try oversees 18 units in Spain alone and now has begun an international

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