Frankfurt Customs Bust Leads to Even Bigger Trouble For five Austrian Residents

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During a check performed by customs at Frankfurt Airport. Agents randomly selected the package for inspection when a quarter kilo of amphetamines were found inside. Authorities stated the 24-year-old Austrian man was a regular user of the Dark Net.

Authorities said it was by chance only that his package was selected for inspection at the Airport Frankfurt AM Main in Germany. Once discovered, the German Customs agents alerted Austrian authorities. The Wels Public prosecutor ordered a search of the man’s home.

Authorities also said for over a year the Bad Ischl resident ordered drugs from Dark Net Markets. The man admitted to sourcing drugs from the Dark Net, and also that he re-sold the drugs he purchased. The man was also found in possession of one Marijuana plant.

When authorities conducted the search, they found the small pot grow, small amounts of cocaine, as well as speed paste. Not only were drugs seized, but also packaging material and over 3,000 euros in small denominations. Also taken were a gas pistol, and an illegal electro-stool. Upon questioning, the man admitted to everything and then was placed under arrest.

That’s not where the man stopped talking though. He also dimed his fellow conspirators out, so

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