Freelancer Completes Backpack World Trip with Only Bitcoin

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A digital nomad and freelance developer named Felix Weis has recently completed a world backpack trip using only bitcoin.

Weis began his journey 18 months ago and has travelled over 40 cities in Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, the United States and Europe.

With the help of in-person bitcoin trading platforms such as Local Bitcoins, Weis was able to find bitcoin traders all around the world, across 27 countries. Through the Local Bitcoins platform, Weis traded 19 different currencies throughout his trip.

During the world trip, Weis didn’t hesitate to travel to countries and regions including Cuba and Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa, which had limited internet access and bitcoin users. Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is known to have an internet penetration rate of 3.7%, which is substantially lower than Cuba’s 40%.

Even without the ideal environment and requirements for a bitcoin user, Weis successfully found various bitcoin traders, merchants, and users in countries like Cuba.

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