Freemit Wants to Make Global Money Transfer Free Using Bitcoin Infrastructure

Freemit Wants to Make Global Money Transfer Free Using Bitcoin Infrastructure

Fintech startup Freemit is about to launch a subsequent era of income transfer.

“Money when we need it, anywhere, in any currency, from anyone, in seconds, NO fees,” states a Freemit website in elementary and really disruptive terms. “Send, spend and get income anywhere in seconds. Skip a bank with a Bitcoin-powered sell and compensate no fees, ever.”

The Freemit service, that includes a phone app and a (presumably virtual) credit card, is scheduled to start rolling out in 2016 and incentivize users with $10 in their accounts. In a meantime, meddlesome readers can pointer adult for a watchful list.

“Freemit is a financial transport messenger that empowers 3.6 billion travelers, students and others with a digital wallet, giving them financial autonomy to now entrance their financial resources regulating bitcoin,” reads Freemit’s Crunchbase profile . “They are formulating a streamlined, inexpensive choice to a stream remittance and banking sell systems. Using a blockchain and a internal banking in/local banking out vision, they will make relocating income cheaper, better, and friction-free.” The association perceived $120,000 seed appropriation in Jan 2015.

“Our banks are robbing us,” settled Freemit owner and CEO John Biggs as initial reported by Crowdfund Insider . “And this

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