Hosting Fund Raising Event Free Ross-A-Thon Dec. 4th

Bitcoin Watch Shop is hosting a Free Ross-A-Thon December 4th, from 2pm to 10pm Eastern Standard Time. The Free Ross-A-Thon is taking shape to be an online telethon to help spread the word about Ross Ulbricht, his case, and how our online rights are being trampled every day.

Ulbricht, as we are all aware, is currently serving a double life sentence. This is absolutely unheard of until now; someone serving life, let alone double life for all non-violent crimes. Ulbricht was brought up on charges relating to his role in the Dark Net market, Silk Road. The Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense effort was set up to help Ulbricht overcome his drastic sentence of double life. During his time behind bars so far, Ulbricht has found that his case isn’t as unique as he thought. Many of the inmates he has met and talked with have expressed similar doings in how they were investigated, tried, and sentenced. His legal effort took on the challenge of helping not only Ross himself, but inmates and families in the same boat as Ulbricht, and his family.

The Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense Effort is also tackling much too often unseen and unheard issues such as the sentencing practices

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