French Bill To Force Decryption Of Encrypted Data

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In France, according to ION 2001-1062 of 15 November 2001 on everyday security, Article 30-31, failure to comply with an order to decrypt your device or give the up the encryption key will result in 3 years of jail time and a fine of €45,000, if complying would have prevented or stopped a crime, jail time will increase to 5 years and €75,000.

After the failed bill from January that would have put backdoors in encryption, legislators are back with a bill that targets companies. In the name of “reinforcing the fight against organized crime and terrorism, and their financing”, legislators are aiming to punish companies for refusing to decrypt devices in cases of terrorism. This action is more than likely inspired by wide array of technology companies backing up Apple in the Apple vs. FBI iPhone debacle.

The bill in its entirety is 73 pages long; it’s hell-bent on implementing measures to force people to cooperate with law enforcement. Under this legislation, any private technology company that does not decrypt encrypted data will be fined €350,000 ($385,000) and face five years in prison. The telecom companies aren’t exempt from this, any telecom company that does not cooperate will

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