From Being an Addict to Sober: Cannabidiol a.k.a. Medical Marijuana

Guest post: The author of this post is a passionate researcher, writer and presenter. He likes to be updated with the research in the medical industry and even more enjoy to aware people about that. He has done an extensive research and know what is cbd. He himself is fascinated by the various uses of cbd products.

Medical and Marijuana don’t the two words sound poles apart? One can never imagine the legal medical use of something tagged ‘marijuana’, but in this world of technology and innovation, it is smart to assume that anything and everything is probable. Wait a minute! If you are thinking that this cannabidiol would be used as an anesthetic because Duh! Marijuana = Getting high = Muscle Numbness, You Sir, are wrong! The truth is real amazing. This marijuana doesn’t get you high, you cannot get stoned on it. So, all the addicts, if you are thinking to act like a patient to get a free dose of the drug, you would only get disappointed, this marijuana is actually of no interest for you. On the brighter side, if you want to steer clear of your addiction and live a healthy sober life, you have come to the right decision.

For many years, the ‘mad’ scientists have been experimenting with marijuana and its medical uses. It had been established a long time back that people who smoke marijuana actually have pretty amazing bodily functions before eventually their mind get fried or they have a complete breakdown. So, then it was concluded that there is something in marijuana which has healing effects which can do all the good for the patient minus the ‘stoning’ part. As such eventually, cannabidiols were discovered or extracted whatever you wanna name it. Let us go in a little detail, again, minus the boring research part, so that you can have better insights about this legal ‘drug’. Oh! This is getting better, firstly medical and marijuana and now legal and ‘drug’. Ya…cut the blabber and let’s get started.

Let’s Meet Our Little Friend CBD(cannabidiol)

So, our ‘mad’ scientists discovered that marijuana contains cannabis and this cannabis is consisting of 85 chemical substances called cannabinoids. Now this cannabinoid contains two major chemicals- CBD and THC. You need to know that the CBD is a nice fella and it is THC who has made all the fuss. CBD does not get you high while THC absolutely does. THC is intoxicating, illegal, gets you high, undesirable, addictive, and all the bad that you can think about. CBD is the major constituent of cannabinoid and sometimes referred as cannabinoid itself, but if you are getting it for medical purposes, you should know that you need to get CBD which is: cannabinoid minus THC.

Industrial CBD is obtained from hemp and often considered as a synonym for it.

P.S.- If you want it for ‘enjoying’, you should get cannabinoid with THC.

P.S.2- If you have read somewhere that marijuana does not make you addictive, then learn this, most of the people smoking excess amount of marijuana gets addicted to other ‘substances’ too.

Thank God! CBD is not like its sister THC

Why is it a good thing that CBD is not like THC? Ya…Ya HIGH…STONED. Is there any more difference between the two? You ask, we answer! Yes, there are actually some more differences between the two. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. CBD is a non-psychoactive drug and does not affect your body even when consumed in a large amount. THC, on the contrary, is psychoactive that have serious effects on the mind and the body.
  2. CBD fights with the symptoms that THC gives rise to. For example, a person consuming THC for a long time experiences anxiety and feel paranoid, CBD tames down the anxiety and helps patient to recover.
  3. CBD is anti-psychoactive too. When schizophrenia patients consume it, they feel more connected to their mind while THC makes their condition worse.
  4. THC act like a sleeping pill and makes a person drowsy, on the contrary, CBD gives new energy, new strength to the person and he does not feel sleepy (* CBD is a wake-up pill).

So, CBD is the good sister, THC is the naughty one. Now, we know that CBD does something for the body, let us know more about its magical effects.

CBD: A magical drug which Soothes, Treats and Heals

CBD is non-psychoactive, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, neuroprotective and anti-biotic. It can treat a handful of common diseases, even those diseases that no other medicine can.

  1. It is available in the form of a topical solution, which can be used for acne, scars and joint pain. The oil seeps into the skin and treats the affected area.
  2. What is the most common disease, whose patients can be seen in every alternate house? Yes…Diabetes. CBD fights diabetes by reducing the formation of something called cytokine (Bio students help me out here). Ultimately sugar formation is controlled.
  3. Since CBD relaxes the mind, it can treat various psychological and brain diseases like schizophrenia, PTSD, multiple sclerosis etc.
  4. Oh and ulcers! Ewww… It is very painful when you have all the good food in front of you and you cannot eat it because you have acidity and it burns. CBD is the one solution for you. When consumed daily, it heals the burns and calms down the burning sensation.

We hope that you are seeing the pattern here- CBD treats all the diseases related to skin, muscle, digestive system, mind and blood. If you want some details about how CBD works, continue reading.

A Little Peep into CBD Routine

It is said that human body is the most complex machine that no one has the absolute idea about how it works. We could never imagine that our body actually have an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for the healthy functioning of our mind, which ultimately controls our eating pattern, sleeping pattern, our mood, actions, memory and other bodily functions. So, as every system has some functioning parts, the endocannabinoid system has two parts- called receptors CB1 (situated in brain, liver, kidney and lungs) and CB2 (in the immune system). These receptors when fed cannabinoids externally, gets assimilated with them and control all the systems of the body.

You must know about hormones; when the body is unable to produce required hormones, they are fed externally through pills. The cannabinoid is exactly the same; when our body cannot produce enough cannabinoid through e-system, it is fed externally which is actually regulating the functions, which our body would normally perform. So, what is CBD is just making sure that our CB1 and CB2 receptors work optimally.

Wanna Try Out Some CBD? Here’s How You Can

CBD can be consumed in a number of ways depending upon what symptoms you want to cure and how old is the disease. Details are right below:

  1. Topicals: For minute skin diseases like infection, acne, pimples, it can be used topically. Various hemp oil or balms are available in the market which helps to treat the diseases by local application.
  2. Vapes: CBD is also available as vape oils, which can be put in a bong, and smoked like a ‘hukka’. You can also get vape pens online, using which there is no risk of inhaling an unburnt cannabidiol particle. Smoking CBD shows quick effects, but they wear out soon.
  3. Tinctures: Sometimes CBD is best to be ingested directly in raw form. As such hemp oil is available in small dropper bottles called CBD tinctures, and prescribed drops are directly fed into the mouth of the patient.
  4. In diets: CBD oil can also be used in the food cooking. For example, it can be used while baking cookies or as a spread on salad or bread. Ingested CBD takes some time to show effects, but they are long lasting.

So, I Bought CBD Online. Now I Wonder, Is it Illegal?

This is the most confusing and controversial subject. CBD is regulated that’s for sure, but its legal status is still very unclear and most of the people who buy CBD online have a very vague idea about its legality. Well, here is truth about the legality of CBD –

CBD can be obtained from two sources- from medical marijuana plants and from industrially grown hemp. The medical marijuana may contain some THC, so it is not so legal everywhere. Only specialized doctors can use it for treating their patients. However, in some countries, selling and buying of medical marijuana is absolutely legal but regulated.

Coming to hemp source, the CBD is used as dietary supplement and it is legal in most of the countries. It can be freely bought online. Oil extracted from industrially grown hemp is treated to the perfection such that it does not contain any  psychoactive chemicals.

So, we can conclude that hemp CBD is legal while medical marijuana is legal in the countries where marijuana is legal.

P.S.- In some countries, hemp oil is legal while CBD is not, so as such a great amount of hemp is imported and CBD is extracted from them which is sold locally.

Let us Buy Some CBD Together

If you are a newbie and buying CBD for the first time, then there are four points based on which you can judge what product is best for you.

  1. CBD volume: Each product like vapes, tinctures, balms, pills have a different amount of CBD. Based on your doctor’s prescription and what kind of disease you have, you can order one.
  2. Hemp Volume: Often on some products, instead of CBD volume, amount of hemp is mentioned. Since, CBD in layman’s language called hemp, so people think both are the same. Actually, hemp has many substituents other than CBD too, so it is better to look for CBD volume and not hemp volume.
  3. CBD strength: CBD is non-psychoactive, but this does not mean that you do not have to look out for the amount you are putting in your mouth. If you start with the heavy dose, you may feel dizzy and uneasiness for some time. So, it is advised to start with 4-5 mg and then subsequently, the dosage can increase ten-fold.
  4. Method: Lastly you need to see how you want to consume it. If you want to ingest it or use in/on food, buy oils, pills and tinctures. If you want to locally apply it on the knee or on skin, buy oil or balms. If you want to smoke it, buy vapes.

Putting it all together, CBD or medical marijuana is actually a revolution in the medical field. It is a friend of people who have lost the connection with their minds. It is a sponsor for people who want to break free of their addiction. It is a support for all the grandparents who want to stand on their own feet. A saviour for all the young girls who hate their face with a big acne on it and a healer for people who have lost their hope to diabetes and Crohn’s.

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