From Their HQ In Prague, General Bytes is Rising in the Bitcoin ATM Ranks

Bitcoin_ATMCurrently ranked fifth on the CoinATMRadar list for most Bitcoin ATM’s, Czech Republic based General Bytes has positioned itself to succeed in the Bitcoin ATM market. Some of the most stable companies, for sure, have received the least amount of press. General Bytes appears to be one of those. The company stepped up amid the Robocoin crisis to bail out some of the embattled company’s operators and has been reputable.

General Bytes (GB) develops Android and Bitcoin technologies, focusing on Android because it is the leading platform for phones and tablets. The firm strives to bring Android technology to other devices and machines due to its strengths, such as being built on Linux, being open-source, as well as benefitting from the millions of developers in its community. The first Bitcoin related technology the firm developed is the BATMOne, which the firm has discontinued to make room for its updated BATMTwo and BATMThree.

The BATMTwo is a unidirectional platform which distributes coins from a wallet or crypto-exchange, with point-of-sale integrated and a remotely manageable interface. The machine offers AML and KYC in the form of fingerprint or SMS verification. The

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