From Worst to First: Bitcoin’s Price Ends 2015 on Top

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After a year filled with its share of doom and gloom, the verdict is in: Bitcoin won 2015.

As trumpeted by headlines in CNBC and Bloomberg, bitcoin was the best-performing currency of the year, netting near-40% gains, more than double its nearest competition, the Somali Shilling and Gambian Dalasi. The development contrasts with bitcoin’s performance from 2014, in which it lost 56% of its value, the most among global currencies.

A look at the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) from October on reveals an impressive upward arch that contrasts with the choppy peaks and valleys of the year’s earlier months.

BTC prices 2015

Though the exact reasons are unclear, many pundits are pinning the currency’s turnaround on the growing enterprise fascination with blockchain tech and the renewed mainstream attention from stories such as the alleged discovery of bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.

But as we head into 2016, a big question remains to be answered: Will recent price positivity continue to buoyed by fundamental market improvements?

While only time will provide the answer, we take a look back at the price movements over the last 12 months for clues and

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