Future Generations Won’t See Money the Way We Do, Says Bitcoin Market CEO

The understanding of bitcoin on a non-technical level is spreading quickly; however, without technical understanding, many aspects are hard to grasp and even harder to evaluate. Adrian Przelozny is a technologist and software architect who is CEO of Independent Reserve, a bitcoin market. Few individuals understand the in and outs of both the technology and the industry as well as Przelozny. Here follow his views on the industry, bitcoin’s current state and its future. 

TheStreet: Why are you interested in bitcoin and blockchain technology?

Adrian Przelozny: Coming from a technical background, I first became interested in bitcoin and blockchain technology because it elegantly combined a set of existing computer science concepts such as cryptography and peer-to-peer networking in a way that has never been done before.

It was only after satisfying my technical curiosity that I realized the full power and potential of this technology and that it represents a paradigm shift in the way we and future generations will look at money. The ability for anyone to transfer value instantly and freely across borders is a revolutionary concept that will not only put more power back into the hands of ordinary people but also

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